ASHRAE Newsletter March 2022

Preparation and Readiness

Welcome to our first newsletter for the year 2022. This is coming out at the end of the first 3months of the year and as such, we would like to encourage you with the theme of preparation and readiness as we move on in 2022.

The word preparation can be interpreted to mean:

“the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action)”

The keyword here is: been made ready or prepared for use or action.

In order for us as a society or as individuals to progress and go forward, we need to prepare, be ready and then take action.

An unprepared man or woman is a dangerous person. Likewise, a group of people or concern that is not prepared or ready will not function at their full potential. As we march on in 2022, I challenge you to relook at your preparation and readiness and do something about it.


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